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Afterbite: An Effective Treatment for Insect Bites

While there are preventative measures and mosquito repellents to keep the summer insects away (i.e. citronella candles, mosquito nets, Muskol and Off!), none of these deterrents are guaranteed to keep all of the bugs at bay. In fact, you would have to be extremely lucky to get through the whole season without at least one mosquito bite. One of the most popular and effective products presently sold to alleviate the inevitable pain and itching of mosquito bites is called ‘Afterbite’. There are some good reasons you should stock up on Afterbite before the bug season arrives this year.

Mosquito Bite: AfterbiteEffectiveness
The product’s remarkable effectiveness is due to its basic component and active ingredient, ammonia.  Though not present in ‘Afterbite Kids’, the treatment for children, ammonia neutralizes the itch, reduces swelling, alleviates pain, and enables the affected area to heal quickly. It is the most effective insect bite treatment on the market today.

Manufactured as a potent remedy for soothing the bites and stings of mosquitoes and other insects, Afterbite has a range of products available in several different formulas in order to suit particular needs and circumstances.

  • Afterbite The Itch Eraser is sold in an easy-to-use portable vial containing the active ingredient ammonia. It is the manufacturer’s signature product, and the top selling insect bite treatment in the country.
  • Afterbite Kids is a gentle cream formulated without ammonia so as not to irritate the sensitive skin of little ones. Consisting of eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, baking soda, vitamin E and aloe vera, the appeasing ointment not only alleviates the pain and itching of insect bites, but also decreases the chance of infection.
  • Afterbite Outdoors is a powerful formula that contains a concentration of ammonia combined with baking soda and tea tree oil. This gel is ideal for camping, hiking or other activities involving extended periods of time outside.
  • Afterbite Xtra is the most potent of the formulas, containing ammonia, baking soda, and tea tree oil, and is particularly effective in the fast relief of the intense pain resulting from the stings of jellyfish, bees, fire ants, and wasps.

Afterbite is so safe to use that you can apply and reapply it on the affected area as many times as needed in order to get fast and maximum relief from the uncomfortable sting and itching of mosquito bites and other insects. Of great importance to parents is the fact that the kids’ formula is made from all-natural ingredients and will not irritate young skin.

For most people, the summer season is all about enjoying the great outdoors. Being that the typical attire for the warm months usually consists of bathing suits, shorts, and tank tops or T-shirts, it leaves large areas of the skin bare and vulnerable to insect stings, more specifically, mosquitoes.  The undisputed benefits of Afterbite have made the product a favored summer must-have for over thirty years.

If you plan to spend time outdoors during the warm months, (and who isn’t?), make sure you have several types of Afterbite in your medicine cabinet. You do not want a painful bug bite to ruin your otherwise perfect summer day.



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