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Stuck inside? Need mosquito prevention tactics?

Summertime means camping, family barbeques, star gazing, and many other activities that we love to do in the warm summer evenings. We have shed the woes of ice and snow that gripped us through the winter season, and we are now ready to get back outdoors and enjoy the best that Mother Nature has to offer. However, at times we have to spend summer evenings cowering inside our homes looking out the window into our backyard because the mosquitoes are so bad it is impossible to relax.

Mosquito Breeding GroundsMosquitoes, the scourge of the outdoorsy person and of those who invest time and money into beautiful backyards, can have a serious impact on our comfort level, our health as well as our economic welfare. West Nile virus, mosquito-borne encephalitis, and other sicknesses threaten not only our well-being, but especially that of outdoor workers. Recreational activities are hampered and tourists flock indoors in order to avoid these pests. Do we have to be held hostage by mosquitoes? The answer is no. A strict mosquito prevention regiment can help eliminate mosquitoes and prolong our enjoyment of the outdoors during the summer season.

Mosquito breeding grounds: get them where it counts

Mosquito prevention is a simple task once you get to know the habits of your enemy. Most important in the battle is to eliminate the mosquito’s breeding grounds.

1. The first step is to eradicate any standing or stagnant water on your property. Get rid of all things that can catch and hold water such as:

  • Containers
  • Old tires
  • Horse troughs
  • Bird baths
  • Small ponds

It is also important to repair any leaky hoses you might have to water lawns or gardens, and defective sprinkler systems as they can cause water to collect.

2. The second step is irrigation control. If you are an avid gardener or farmer, it is imperative that all ground indentations in your garden, yard or pasture be filled to prevent the collection of water that causes puddles. Never over irrigate your fields or gardens. Water should never stand for more than 3 days. Pond owners must avoid algae build-up and growth of vegetation in water.

3. Some final measures in mosquito prevention are:

  • Close all septic openings including tanks, cleanout plugs, and inspection hatches
  • Do not leave water standing in children’s wading pools and toys, flower pots, watering cans and farming equipment.

By following a few simple guidelines, the mosquito population around your property can be greatly reduced. Spend more time outdoors without hassle and itchy bug bites. Initiate your mosquito prevention regime today.


Written by Karen Foster: Karen Foster is the content manager and editor for Tiny Mosquito: Understanding the Mosquito. For more information about mosquitoes, visit her site at www.tinymosquito.com.


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