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Mosquito Screen Patio

Mosquito Screen Patio

Mosquito Screen PatioHands up – who likes mosquitoes? S’funny, no show of hands - everyone went behind the mosquito screen patio. If you have a gazebo in your back yard, it is more than likely you have a mosquito and bug screen, but if you don’t, it is time to build one, it is so easy.  But first, maybe you already have one, one of those that has sliding screen panels so when the bugs and mosquitoes finally go away, you can open them up. But moving along, a screened in patio most definitely keeps the bugs away, but remember to keep that mosquito screen door closed. Be informed about mosquito facts.

Happier than your Neighbours

The neighbours sit ensconced in their great new mosquito protected patio, waving and smiling. Not slapping and scratching.  Now is the time for you to get your patio screened in against those bloodthirsty bugs.  You can go to the local hardware store and buy a readymade mosquito screen patio, an enclosed screen structure.  Some are elaborate, others simple.  The important thing is that there be no gaps or holes to let the bugs in. If you have a handyman available, or handywoman, a screened in patio would make a great weekend project.  Plus you can add your own style and design to your project. 

Materials & Rules for a Basic Screen Patio

So you are ready to screen in your patio to keep away those pesky mosquitoes.  However, before you start building you should check with the city in which you live to see if a permit is required.  If you are only building temporary mosquito screen patio partitions it is unlikely you will need a permit, however, if you are planning on building a completed screened in porch, or separate gazebo structure then it is better to check. For temporary screens, each opening that requires a screen can be measured and assembled separately, they can be removed individually.  You can either have sliders for exit doors, or hinges.  Here are the steps:

  • Measure the areas in which you are going to screen in. You will need double the wood as you are going to make two frames for each panel of screening
  • For screening material add a few additional inches allowing for waste etc.
  • Purchase enough 1 x 2 pine or cedar to enable you to finish the project according to your measurements
  • Purchase appropriate amount of screen, this can be purchased in rolls
  • Staples and a small staple gun
  • 1/4”  Dowling, enough for the inside edges of all wooden frames
  • ½” tacks


To build your mosquito screen patio measure and cut the strips of wood to the correct length for each frame  then mitre the corners and staple the strips together at the corners making a square or rectangular frame.  As you would a picture frame.  Always remember measure twice cut once.  To make sure your frame is square, measure from corner across the centre to the opposite corner, then do the same across from the remaining corners.  The measurements should be the same.  Take one premeasured piece of Dowling and wrap the screen around it once, staple it to the Dowling.   Now tack the Dowling in place on the inside of one double strip of the frame.  Unroll the mosquito screen material to about half an inch all around more than the inside of the frame. 

Now, this could be the tricky part.  You have to stretch the screen taught by wrapping it tightly around the Dowling, stapling it securely in place before nailing the Dowling inside the frame.  The Dowling for the top and the bottom of the screen should be ¼ inch shorter than that on the sides, this is to allow it to slip firmly between the two side rods.  Roll the screen around the top and bottom Dowling, staple in place making sure the screen remains taught.  Here you can decide if you want your cross braces to be horizontal or diagonal.   A cross like and X is usually more stable.  One on each side of the screen attached tightly to the inside corners of the frame.  You should end up with a square or rectangular screened in frame with an X cross brace.  This of course is an option.  An alternative to rolling the screen around the Dowling is to place the screen between the two layers of frame, stapling it to the inside of one layer of frame, making sure you keep it taught, stretching it and stapling it all around.  Tacking the second section of wood frame over the top.  Your screen should now be secure and taught between the two layers of wood.  Assemble the mosquito screen door in the same manner and size you require.


Once you have the amount of framed in screens that you require to cover the outside of your patio, attach them to your deck, not forgetting to add hinges and a good tidy closure for the door.  Then, mosquitoes be gone!



Written by Karen Foster: Karen Foster is the content manager and editor for Tiny Mosquito: Understanding the Mosquito. For more information about mosquitoes, visit her site at www.tinymosquito.com.


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