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More Mosquito Info - Further Reading

Refer to these resources for further preventative or educational information on mosquitoes:



The History of West Nile Virus

Mosquito Prevention

The Buzz on Malaria Symptoms

Mosquito Netting Canopy: Your Best Defense

The Mosquito Life Cycle

Natural Mosquito Control - What is it?

Mosquitoes Developing Stronger Defences to Insecticide

Relieve the Itch with a Mosquito Bite Remedy

Mosquito Screen Patio

Mosquito Allergies - A Biting pain

Green Mosquito Control Products: Safe Ways to Get Rid of Pests



The American Mosquito Control Association

Mosquito Fact Sheet

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

EPA: Guide to Mosquito Control



Biology of Mosquitoes, by Alan Clemens

Flies & Mosquitoes, by Sally Morgan

Mosquitoes Up Close, by Ruth Miller

Flies: From Flower Flies to Mosquitoes, by Sara Swan Miller

West Nile Story, by Dickson Despommier

Mosquitos and Their Control, by Norbert Becker

Catalog of the Mosquitoes of the World, by Kenneth Knight



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