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Controlling Pests with Mosquito Sprays and Foggers

Mosquitoes not only present a potential threat to everyone’s health, but they are also annoying. Whether you are camping or having a party in your backyard, mosquito sprays and foggers can help prevent mosquito-borne diseases by controlling the undesirable invasion of flying insects.

Mosquito SprayTwo Types of Indoor Mosquito Sprays and Foggers:

  • Hand Held Space Spray
  • Metered Dispenser

Both products essentially contain the same ingredient – a liquid repellent that instantly kills mosquitoes in flight.
For quick and easy application, the hand-held mosquito sprays that often come in aerosol form can be applied in specific spots, such as cracks and around doors and windows. This is an effective, targeted way to repel and control mosquitoes.

The metered dispenser contains a hands-off solution that sprays liquid repellent into the air at regular intervals. The aerosol container sits in a battery operated or hardwired dispenser that can be set to go off at certain intervals, or turned off when necessary. Quality dispensers have lights that indicate when the repellent is low or empty, and when the batteries need to be changed.

An Effective and Natural Repellent
Pyrethrin is a popular choice for both hand-held and metered mosquito sprays. It is a natural ingredient derived from the seed of Chrysanthemum flowers and is widely used as an insecticide. The U.S. Department of Agriculture states that pyrethrin is safe and approved for use in restaurants. The chemical works as a neurotoxin and kills mosquitoes, both upon direct contact and from exposure. Even in small concentrations, pyrethrin has been proven to be an effective repellent for a host of other flying pests.

Outdoor Use of Mosquito Foggers
At group events, on camping trips, and during outdoor recreational activities, the presence of mosquitoes can be both an annoyance and a danger. Outdoor mosquito foggers and flying insect traps can be used to effectively control the mosquito population in order to prepare an area for an important event.

Two Types of Foggers:

Thermal Foggers – These machines, which are only to be used outdoors, actually burn the pesticide to create smoke or a fog that repels and/or destroys the insect. A mixture of both pyrethrin and resmethrin (a synthetic or man-made pyrethrin) is used. It is most effective when the air is fairly still. The ideal condition for a thermal fogger is at dusk, when the air temperature is close to the ground temperature. It is important to ensure that your thermal fogging machine is placed away from vegetation.

Cold Foggers – Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, cold foggers run on electricity and are used with a solution that is formulated specifically for this machine. Most cold fogger products are pyrethrin-based. This machine is considered a “cleaner” method of mosquito control.

Surface Sprays
Another insecticide product for use outdoors is a liquid which can be applied to the foliage of plants and vegetation, as well as other surfaces. This odorless solution leaves a residue that repels mosquitoes and other pests for up to three months.

When pyrethrin is used, the method is typically deemed safe for use in public areas.

For an effective way to destroy and control mosquitoes indoors and outdoors, utilize a type of insecticide that suits the purpose and is appropriate for the location, be it a hand-held sprayer, a metered dispenser or an outdoor fogging machine.



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