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If you live in or are traveling to a high-risk area for mosquito related diseases, mosquito netting is a helpful tool. Netting offers protection from mosquitoes as well as other pesky or dangerous insects, thereby decreasing the risk of contracting any mosquito-borne diseases.

Bed NettingThe World Health Organization and the U.S. Center for Disease Control highly recommend using various netting options to reduce contact with mosquitoes.

Here is a list of what to look for in proper mosquito netting:

  • A mesh size of 1.2mm X 1.2mm is large enough for air circulation, but small enough to keep mosquitoes out. For effective malaria protection, the recommended mesh size is 120-200 holes per square per inch.
  • Nets made of polyester or polyamide are the most lightweight and longest lasting
  • Use a denier (strength of fiber used to make net) that is between 70 and 100. The strongest is 100; anything below 70 usually tears easily
  • For bed netting, rectangular mosquito nets offer the most comfortable and spacious protection. Bed netting should be wide enough to drape the sleeping person without touching the body
  • All mosquito nets should be pretreated with insecticides to ensure maximum protection

Mosquito Net No-No’s:

  • Do not purchase cotton mosquito nets as they are heavier and susceptible to dampness
  • Do not leave the corners of the net loose around the bed—they should be carefully tucked under the mattress
  • Do not allow the bed net to come into contact with your skin while sleeping—mosquitoes will be able to feed through the mesh
  • Do not use a torn mosquito net, no matter how small the hole

Head NetMosquito Net Varieties

Bed Netting: A mesh cover draped over the sleeping area for protection against mosquito bites.

Mosquito Barrier Screen: A large mesh screen inserted in the doorway, behind the door, to prevent mosquitoes from entering the home.

Mosquito Head Netting: A mesh netting worn around the head that covers the neck and face.

Mosquito Netting Barrier Pants: Mesh pants worn to provide protection to the legs.

Mosquito Netting Barrier Shirt: Mesh shirt worn to provide greater protection against mosquito bites to the arms, chest, and back.

Pop Up Screen Room: An outdoor mesh enclosure that allows you to enjoy the outdoors without the bother of mosquitoes or other insects.

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